Scardu Casinos

We have gathered all online casinos that accept the banking method Scardu. Browse through our Scardu Casinos and read up on how to use the method to get started today.

scardu casinos

Top Scardu Casinos

This is our top list of Scardu Casinos that accepts Arabic speaking players. This list is updated with new brands as we find them or as our existing casinos add Scardu to their banking methods.


Arabic Casino
  • Register with Google account
  • Casino and sports
  • Great product localisation
  • Lack of livestreaming
  • Concerning negative user feedback
$500 Welcome Bonus
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VIP Live Casino
  • Reputable operator
  • Scardu casino
  • Huge product offering
  • Few live casino providers
$3000 + 10% Cashback
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No need for an account

All you need to use Scardu is to buy a Scardu Prepaid Coupon from one of thousands of resellers across the Middle-East. After you have your prepaid coupon, head to casino with Scardu and redeem it directly in the casino cashier page. It’s as simple as that!

What is Scardu

Scardu is the solution to a longstanding challenge in the MENA region. This payment solution system came about to help merchants offer their products and services to Arabic speaking clients across the Middle-East. There has been a challenge in getting customers from MENA onto the online markets due to restrictive banking measures – a problem Scardu solves.

Scardu allows you to purchase their coupons using any type of payment method you want at their exclusive resellers in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Buy the coupon using credit cards, cash, bank transfer, crypto, or literally whatever suits you best. And as you don’t need to open any type of account to make use of this method, it is completely anonymous!

Scardu casinos

How to use Scardu

As already mentioned, you do not need any type of financial account to make deposits at Scardu Casinos. If all you have is cash, you can buy Scardu coupons and redeem them in your banking page at the casino. Follow the instructions below to buy, redeem, and start playing!

You can also buy Scardu online. To do this, you simply visit the Scardu website and click to buy a voucher with GoCardi. Through GoCardi you will be able to buy Scardu using your credit card, Skrill account, PayPal and Fawry.


1. Find a reseller

Choose a reseller in your country from this list of resellers.


2. Buy Scardu coupon

Purchase your Scardu coupon using cash, credit card, bank transfer, crypto, or any other payment system.


3. Redeem coupon

Head to one of our casinos with Scardu and redeem your coupon.

List of Scardu Casinos

Bet O BetYesPlay

Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Scardu when transacting at an online casino.

minimum deposit


  • Can be purchased with cash
  • Anonymous banking method
  • No account needed
  • Thousands of resellers in MENA
  • No spending limitations
casino bonus code


  • Coupons can not be purchased online
  • Few casinos accept this type of method

Similar Methods

Scardu is a unique type of banking method, so there aren’t loads of other methods that are similar to this. However there are some other methods that we can recommend to casino players looking for online transaction solutions. While they might not be exactly the same, they do offer their unique set of possibilities when playing online.

Frequently asked questions about Scardu Casinos

  • What is Scardu?

    Scardu is a new coupon payment system where you buy a coupon which you can redeem at selected online casinos. You can buy Scardu anonymously with cash, or any other method, at different resellers across MENA.

  • Where can I buy a Scardu coupon?

    There are thousands of resellers across the Middle-East that sells Scardu coupons. Some of these include: GoCardi, Daleel Store, 3omda Store, AllOffer, and El’Cardoo. Check out our list of resellers to see all available merchants.

  • Which casinos accept Scardu coupons?

    There are a growing number of Scardu Casinos available to Arabic players. Currently you can use Scardu at brands such as Betfinal, Bet O Bet, VIPArabClub1, Casino Farouk, and 1bet.

  • Is Scardu free?

    There are no additional costs to you when purchasing a Scardu coupon and redeeming it at an online casino.